Monday, 22 December 2014

first post

Well hello there, I decided that since it was coming up to New Year, I'd make a fresh start on a brand new blog dubbed "lifestyle junkie". I am ever so grateful of all the support I was given on my old blog and I'd be ever so happy if I got even half the support on here. I always forgot how difficult it was to stick to a particular genre of posts but on here I've decided that blogging about whatever I wish is the best way to go about things and to make it easier for myself to post more frequently. 

Since neglecting and quitting my previous blogs "paper dreams and plastic bags" and "a booky place" I've been awfully busy with uni coursework and exams (and also watching ridiculous amounts of gossip girl at once). But now it's Christmas break and I have a lot of free time I thought why not start blogging again? Especially as it's coming up for New Year and I wanted to find new ways to express myself. I hope to combine the work of my old blogs with some new aspects to create a general lifestyle blog which anybody can enjoy reading.


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