Friday, 2 January 2015

january spending ban

As part of my New Year's resolutions, I've vowed to stop spending as much money and start saving! This might help me to use up a lot of the products I've got lying around my room both at uni and back at home. I'm always buying things that I don't necessarily need like lunch from tesco (I can make my own at home) or make-up that I definitely don't need. So from now on I'll only be spending money on things that I absolutely need, the essentials such as: food, shampoo/conditioner/make-up but only when I run out of the stuff I already own. My plan is to get rid of a lot of things that could probably be considered as clutter because they just sit on the shelf because I'm constantly buying. 

I'm actually going to be using the money that I save to put into a jar so I can save up to do some travelling at some point, but more on that in another post! I know people usually do this sort of thing as part of "Frugal February" but since my birthday is then I tend to spend way more than necessary! Wish me luck on my spending ban, god knows I'm going to need it! 


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